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Turin will be Capital of Enterprise Culture 2024

Our territory, historically fundamental to the Italian automotive industry, is now a promoter of many new industrial souls and capable of attracting domestic and foreign companies.

In addition to the great attractiveness that our area has boasted at the national level for several years now, Turin and Piedmont are also becoming an increasingly popular destination for foreign companies, with Ceipiemonte - Centro Estero per l'Internazionalizzazione currently managing about 200 open dossiers. According to Ceipiemonte President Dario Peirone, the goal is to double this number to 400 dossiers handled. The focus of foreign companies is on projects of various sizes, with a significant increase in investment in key sectors such as aerospace, data centers and the circular economy, with companies such as Google, Electra Vehicles and Kurs Orbital choosing to establish their presence here.

Certainly these premises and our city's centuries-long history in the field of innovative industry were among the discriminating factors that led Confindustria to designate Turin as the Capital of Enterprise Culture for 2024, thanks to the joint work of Unione Industriali Torino, City of Turin, Piedmont Region, Turin Chamber of Commerce, Università di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT and several private companies in the area. This recognition is based on the dossier "Turin Space to the Future", which highlights the city's importance in entrepreneurial innovation over the past 140 years. Turin has produced significant innovations, from Galileo Ferraris' discoveries in the 1884 World's Fair, the common rail for engines, the MP3 to today's aerospace sector, proving itself a century-old cradle for innovation.

The "Turin Space to the Future" program is based on youth education, a large exhibition as the heart of the event and presence at all major city eventsYoung people will be central, with visits to factories to show them the importance of work in manufacturing. The program includes 24 monthly events, with inaugural lectures by leading figures in the world economy, exhibitions during the Salone del Libro and Salone del Gusto, and focus on strategic sectors such as agribusiness.

The program will not only involve Turin but also the districts of Grugliasco, Chieri, Ivrea, Alba, Biella and Settimo Torinese, with the involvement of Pirelli and L'Oreal. Outside the regional borders are planned a national collaboration with Confindustria of Naples and an international collaboration with the food and technology districts of Lyon. Also planned is the involvement of the Council for the Enhancement of Artistic and Cultural Assets with an exhibition in the city center to highlight how the way of doing business in the city has changed and the setting up of itineraries for visiting business museums, such as the one in the Nuvola Lavazza.

Turin aims to be a reference in business culture and this recognition is considered a significant moment to reflect on how the many players in the local innovation ecosystem can continue to work in ever closer synergy for the revitalization and development of Turin.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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