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When you decide to start a new startup project, having the right information is a crucial factor for success.

If you want to develop your entrepreneurial talent, realize your business idea, know who can give you the help you are looking for, and stay up to date on everything that happens in Turin's startup and innovation scene, Torino Tech Map is your resource. Torino Tech Map is your resource.

Resources for startuppers

Check out our hands-on guides and resources designed to help startuppers launch and grow their business, organized into three main moments: Ideate, Build and Launch.


The first step towards the realization of your project is not only to have an idea, but to test it, validate it, rethink it, until it is a hit.


In the second phase you will have to develop your business plan, analyze the market, learn how to manage your time and your team.


It's time to deliver your idea to the world: you'll need a good pitch, public speaking skills, a plan to scale.


Every day, the world of innovation is changing rapidly before our eyes: don't miss any news by following our articles, interviews, reports and curiosity.


Don't get lost in yours way to success: take a stroll with us among all the actors of our ecosystem.

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