Camera di commercio di Torino

The Turin Chamber of Commerce is an autonomous public body that carries out functions of general interest for companies, taking care of their development in the local area. To businesses, the body offers personal and administrative services, which are essential for carrying out business activities, through a simplified and easy-to-access telematic management. It is also alongside entrepreneurs with numerous innovative services that promote companies since their establishment, supporting their birth and promoting their development to improve the competitiveness of the territory: from training to technology transfer, from digitization to internationalization, through projects often carried out in collaboration. with other local institutions, from the organization of promotional events for local products to support for access to credit for businesses. Finally, for businesses and consumers, the Turin Chamber of Commerce works in favor of market transparency and the fairness of commercial relations, supervision and protection of public faith.

Via Carlo Alberto 16, 10123, Turin

(+39) 011 57161

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