Check out our hands-on guides and resources designed to help startuppers launch and grow their business, organized into three main moments: Ideate, Build and Launch.


Idea generation and validation.

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Strategic development of the business idea.

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Launch of the business project.

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If your startup deals with software, read the second part of our guide to protecting the intellectual property of your work.
Use this guide to clear up what you are doing at the moment and in which direction you are going with your work.
If your startup is into software, here is the guide for you: find out how to protect the intellectual property of your work.
Would you like to work in a startup? If you want to choose in which role read our new guide!
Let's find out the details of this type of employment relationship widely used in the startup world.
The basis for structuring and composing the right team to achieve success with your project.
Find out what requirements your business project has to meet.
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