Casa delle tecnologie emergenti is ready to accelerate 100 startups in Turin

February 27, 2021
General manager Pietro Pacini announces full functionality by June

"Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti (House of Emerging Technologies) involves the City Council, Politecnico, Links Foundation, Torino Wireless, Cisco, Intel and Tim and was created to create a technology transfer and attraction center for startups and small businesses in a logic of public-private interaction," said CSI Piedmont general manager Pacini in a recent interview. The project, in this perspective, will aim at involving 600 companies and 300 people, from the business and school/academic world..

News of Turin's victory in the related MISE (Italian acronym for Ministry of Economic Development) announcement had arrived in the final weeks of 2020, and the CTE Next project is already on the launch pad to reach full speed. Conceived as a widespread technology transfer center it will operate on sectors that have been identified as strategic for the city: IoT, blockchain, 5G, smart mobility, industry 4.0 and innovative urban services. CTE NEXT will be hosted by the new CSI Piemonte headquarters in Corso Unione Sovietica, called CSI NEXT..

The support to startups will be possible thanks to the collaboration with OGR Tech, the coworking space in corso Castelfidardo born from the synergy between Talent Garden, Fondazione CRT and Officine Grandi Riparazioni. Precisely in this location, with regard to the topics covered by the activities of CTE Next, an acceleration program led by Techstarsis active. All experimentation and testing activities will be conducted in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the CIM4.0 competence center, in Mirafiori district, and the Dora Lab, in the northern part of the city.

The 100 startups that will be selected will be able to start their acceleration path already in the second half of 2021. Further support will come from the funding of the City of Turin and the total €13.5 million that MISE and other partners will pour into the coffers of CTE NextAs Corriere della Sera reports, the ministry's resources will be allocated as follows: 3.5 million for acceleration, 2 million for support and technology transfer, 460 thousand euros for training, 1.3 million for communication, animation and replicability of the initiatives.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content

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