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ASI and Altec will build a new simulation and control centre for lunar robotic missions in Turin

This strategic infrastructure for the remote control of lunar robots will contribute to Italian and European space exploration.

In Turin, the ASI - Italian Space Agency is setting up the future Lunar Robotic Missions Simulation and Control Centre, an innovative facility that will enable the remote control of robots exploring the Moon. This centre will be built within existing buildings of Altec, in the heart of the emerging Aerospace City, thanks to a contract worth €3.5 million recently signed in Rome between ASI and Altec.

The signing ceremony was attended by Altec President Fabio Massimo Grimaldi, CEO Vincenzo Giorgio, ASI Director General Luca Vincenzo Maria Salamone and President Teodoro Valente. The latter stated: "The new centre, in perfect harmony with the objectives of the nascent Aerospace City, will play a crucial role as a reference point for the industrial and research chain. . It will focus on the preparation and implementation of technologies, systems and experiments for lunar surface exploration. It is a strategic infrastructure aimed at supporting Italian and European planetary exploration and colonisation projects in the coming years“.

The Lunar Robotic Missions Simulation and Control Centre will be completed within three years and will operate in parallel with Altec's already active ROCC (Rover Operation Control Centre), dedicated to the operations and Martian simulation by ESA - European Space Agency. This initiative represents a significant step forward in the collaboration between Italy and Europe in the space exploration sector, opening up new prospects for research and development of advanced technologies for the exploration of our natural satellite.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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