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CES 2024: 5 startups from Turin in Las Vegas for the leading global tech event

The Italian pavilion in Las Vegas presents advanced solutions for smart cities, digital health and sustainability.

The Italian pavilion at CES in Las Vegas, the leading global tech event, is currently hosting a delegation of 50 startups from 13 different Italian regions. Among them, five startups from the Turin area have flown overseas to present their innovative solutions. The initiative is coordinated by ICE, the Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalisation of Italian companies, aiming to consolidate the presence of the Italian innovative ecosystem in global markets.

Once again this year, the Italian expedition was made possible thanks to a historic partner, the national research organisation Area Science Park, which organised a training course dedicated to startups to prepare them for maximum results in terms of business opportunities and visibility during their stay in Las Vegas.

The Italian Pavilion, covering 600 square metres in the heart of Eureka Park, will host themed panels during the four days of the exhibition, involving important Italian innovation figures and US and European business partners. CES 2024 will not only be an exhibition, but also a moment of discussion and learning for the startups attending, offering them the opportunity to interact with a vast audience of visitors and participate in dedicated sessions.

The Turin startups participating

Aitem develops a software based on artificial intelligence to support doctors and veterinarians during the diagnostic phase, thanks to data analysis. The company's software is able to formulate precise hypotheses on the presence of tumours, using specific biometric indicators, and to detect cases of COVID-19 using chest X-rays. Aitem's algorithms are very versatile and can also have applications in industry, helping to optimise costs in production chains.

Alba-Robot is a platform of micro-mobility that transforms the transportation of people within facilities such as hospitals, museums, and airports using fleets of smart autonomous vehicles, guided by artificial intelligence and IoT sensors, to help people with reduced mobility to find their way around, move independently and feel more independent.

Domethics focuses on IoT products and technologies in smart home and telemedicine. The smart carpet Carəpet monitors and shares with veterinarians real-time information on pets health cross-referencing the environmental factors in which they live with their vital parameters such as heartbeat, breathing, sleep.

Kintana, a spin-off of Pea Group, introduces Morestech, a "phygital" nanny designed to help parents with child supervision, care and learning through advanced tools for smart home based on the token economy. Artificial intelligence interacts with the child and designs together with him customised interactive edutainment content and the security of the application is guaranteed by the smart contract.

Sunspeker creates aesthetic solutions for billboard advertising on solar panels, applying the processes of wrapping while respecting the artistic, historical and landscape heritage of the places of installation. The patented technology makes it possible to create very high definition images that are permeable to light, while maintaining the high efficiency of the solar panels.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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