Tutti Connessi: the Turin project to fight the digital divide in Distance Learning

April 12, 2021
Families who need it will be provided with free refurbished devices to allow them to follow lessons remotely.

All over Italy there are 300,000 students, according to MIUR data, who for over a year have been suffering from a technological gap compared to their peers. This obstructs, if not completely undermines, participation in classes held in distance learning mode. In Turin, a circular economy project was born to fight this situation and attempt to restore inclusiveness and equity to education: All Connected is an initiative of the Turin associations SYX, Tékhné, MuPIN and IT Without Borders , which deals with the collection and regeneration of disused smartphones, computers and tablets. 

Once reset, reconditioned and completely sanitized, the devices will be given free of charge to families with children in distance learning who request them, after reporting by teachers or guarantors who attest to the actual need..

Since its launch, the project has already met the needs of 300 families in Turin, Genoa, Bergamo and Rome. Further support for the initiative comes from a crowdfunding campaign in which anyone who does not have a device to donate to the cause but wants to financially support all the activities of Tutti Connessi can participate.

The situation of technological, and consequently cultural, disadvantage of these families will obviously not end completely after the pandemic. In fact, through the crowdfunding site, Tutti Connessi is committed to maintaining its activities over time to bridge the digital divide as schools will make increasing use of digital tools and you can not leave behind hundreds of thousands of young people without the right devices.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content

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