Reply inaugurates Area42 in Turin, innovative technology development centre

May 13, 2022
The new headquarters of the Turin-based consultancy company occupies 20,000 square metres, completely renovated and optimised to allow open and collaborative working.

In the new research centre of Reply, Area42, work is being done to transform ideas and prototypes into innovative products and services, based on the use of new technologies in industry: Autonomous Warehouse, Robotics, IoT&Connected Products, Last Mile Logistics&Delivery, Blockchain and Metaverse.

In the spaces of the consultancy company's new headquarters, it will be possible to host clients to carry out co-design and experimentation activities of innovative solutions applied to the development and testing of new products and digital services customised to their needs. Area42 is located in the Palazzina Lingotto in via Nizza 250, which has been completely refurbished to adapt in a multifunctional way to the research activity and to the needs of those who work there: areas where it is not possible to use mobile phones, meeting rooms, areas for concentration, spaces for group brainstorming and the contamination of ideas, and relaxation areas where socializing, eating, and playing together.

Area42's laboratories will interface and fit into Reply's existing European testing network, which will soon be enriched with the opening of a hub in London dedicated to robotics, edge computing and sensory technologies:

  • Test Automation Center (Turin): dedicated to automated monitoring&testing of the quality of business products and services;
  • IoT Validation Lab (Turin): dedicated to the validation of interconnected solutions;
  • Area 360 (Milan): centre dedicated to the use of augmented, virtual and mixed reality to support business;
  • Immersive Experience Lab (Munich): laboratory for testing new types of immersive experiences;
  • Cyber Security Lab (Cologne): dedicated to the study of effective responses to cyber threats.

Filippo Rizzante, CTO of Reply, said: "Area42's laboratories are unique in the modern scenario: here we bring new concepts to life and apply the latest technologies to provide solutions that create value for business and society. We experiment and make real innovative ideas that have a strategic impact and generate a competitive advantage for our customers. Today we focus on six topical issues, but technological evolution will always take us further, in keeping with what we have always done at Reply: prepare and make the future a reality".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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