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“L’imbucato: viaggio genuino nell’ecosistema startup” | Ep.3

Once again this month, a new episode of our podcast related to the monthly events Tribe by ToTeM is online: today we take you to the Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli to relive November's event from behind the scenes!
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This is already the third time I've crashed Tribe by ToTeM events to look among the audience and the speakers for some answers to the many questions that run through my head about the startup world: every month they find a new stimulating topic to talk about and I just can't keep all my curiosities to myself!

We are now on the third episode of my journey through Turin's innovation ecosystem, and I never thought that one day I would become a 'storming' podcaster who picks up the microphone to go around asking questions to people he doesn't know... in fact the result sometimes is this:

"Hi, can I ask you a question for the ToTeM podcast?"

"Look, I'd be here to listen not to talk…”

But I'm not one to give up! During the event Tribe by ToTeM in November at the Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli I managed to worm my way through the more than 110 people present to ask some of them what they thought about the link between scientific research, technological innovation and entrepreneurial initiative.

In this episode you will hear from:

“L’imbucato: viaggio sincero nell’ecosistema startup” is a ToTeM Torino Tech Map production, produced in collaboration with Kiwifarm


Valerio Capasso
Founder TORO Legal Hub


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