Turin-based startup AvLab is the first licensed in Italy to create tailor-made drugs

11 May 2022
Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency) has authorized the production of personalized therapies and the distribution will start from the Lazio Region ASL and then extend to other Italian regions.

AvLab, founded in 2018 and based in Alpignano (Turin metropolitan area), won a tender to provide parenteral bags to the Asl of Frosinone and will participate in tenders from other regions in the coming months. Authorization came in the summer of 2021 and now production of tailor-made drugs has begun, for patients who need personalized prescriptions. In Italy there are about a thousand patients receiving tailor-made treatments, amounting to 35 million euros

AvLab can create drugs that replicate products that are no longer on the market, customized dosages based on specific therapeutic plans and medicines adapted to specific needs such as allergies or intolerances to certain substances or excipients present in standard compositions produced by pharmaceutical companies.

Currently, a dozen people are working at the Alpignano site, but new staff will soon be recruited as the authorization obtained allows the company to operate at the European level and the first demonstrations of interest have already arrived from France, Spain and Germany. In fact, thanks to a close collaboration with Sapio Life , the Turin-based company will be able to export its medicines to the rest of the European countries where the partner company is present as early as next year.

The high security standards of AvLab, whose production line is equipped with a clean room, allow the realization of galenic preparations with a higher guarantee of sterility than preparations made in hospitals or pharmacies. This type of custom-made drugs do not give any problem during hospitalization, during which there is also antibiotic coverage, but their safety is essential after discharge.

Ruben Kevin Di Vincenzo, President and CEO of AvLab, commented: "We have been authorized by Aifa to produce small, medium and large volume drugs. Thanks to a completely Italian supply chain we will be able to guarantee our country a full autonomy in the field of personalized medicines . We make custom preparations ensuring the quality and sterility of an environment equal to that of the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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