Trafficlab is a traffic and transportation engineering lab that promotes an environmentally sustainable lifestyle through technology and conscious people.

Founder: Andrea Marella
Business Development Advisor: Raffaele Castello
Full Stack Developer: Tobias Silicani

Trafficlab offers the latest technologies to create innovative and advanced solutions for those who see in urban and traffic analysis an opportunity for development. Trafficlab is a company engaged in the development of cloud platforms and advanced technological solutions that, thanks to its artificial intelligence models applied to cameras and big-data, offers traffic monitoring and regulation of next-generation intelligent transportation systems.

Corso Piave 30, 12051, Alba (CN)

Year of establishment: 2021

The product/service is already on the market? Yes

Investments received: € 40,000 Grant from:
- AWS Activate Founders
- Google Cloud for Startups Program
- ESRI Partner Network Startup
- Chamber of commerce of Cuneo

Contest: WeTraffic - Torino City Lab
IoMOBILITY Awards 2019

Incubation/acceleration programme: -

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