The Business and Technology Transfer Incubator of the University of Turin is responsible for enhancing, from an economic point of view, the results of research carried out in the academic field by promoting and supporting the creation of new companies with a high knowledge content. The three phases of scouting, pre-incubation and incubation involve the startups hosted at the 2i3T facilities to be supported in the development phases of their business.

Via G. Quarello 15 / a, 10135, Turin Via Nizza 52, 10126, Turin


Availability of services:

- Organization of workshops and seminars
- Presentation of testimonials and case histories
- Informative activity of research tenders and competitions
- Scientific scouting
- Selection of ideas suitable for technology transfer
- Business model development and value creation support
- Support for the creation of organizational and management tools
- Mentoring
- Dedicated managerial training projects
- Network of industrial partners, mentors, customers, managers and investors

Who is it for?:

Startup portfolio: http://www.2i3t.it/aziende/
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