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IP chooses Turin to research new energies for mobility

Thanks to the agreement involving the Polytechnic, the Italian Institute of Technology and Environment Park, Turin will become a center for clean energy.

Environment Park hosted the presentation conference of the newly born collaboration between the innovative ecosystem of Turin and IP, the largest private Italian company dealing with fuels: IP's engineers have entered into a three-year agreement with the Politecnico di Torino, the Italian Institute of Technology and Environment Park regarding collaboration on strategic innovation at the service of the ecological transition which includes several project lines, such as the production of sustainable fuels for air and naval transport, both freight and passengers, the use of green hydrogen for heavy transport and industrial uses and the creation of innovative green bitumens..

The agreement was signed by Chiara Foglietta, Councillor of the City of Turin for Ecological and Digital Transition, and IP Group CEO Daniele Bandiera, the Rector of the Polytechnic Guido Saracco, the Director General of the Italian Institute of Technology Gianmarco Montanari and the CEO of Environment Park Matteo Beccuti.

In order to monitor the results achieved by the various experiments that will be activated, a joint Scientific Board will be composed, which will have the task of coordinating the research structures of the three partner institutions on the territory and the start of pilot projects in the industrial plants of the IP Group. Thanks to the collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Future Technologies of the Italian Institute of Technology , it will be possible to draw on cutting-edge scientific expertise at European and global level, given that the organization is one of the world leaders in technologies for the capture and recycling of CO2, the production and safe use of hydrogen and energy storage and distribution useful to enable new, increasingly efficient and widespread electric mobility networks.

Councillor Chiara Foglietta commented: "We are proud that IP has chosen Turin for this initiative and we are ready to give all the support we can. And we need to run, to hurry, to ensure a better world for our children. We want to achieve environmental neutrality by 2030, as a city , so this is one of the steps in this direction."

Guido Saracco, Rector of the Politecnico, commented: "The Politecnico of Turin will provide all its know-how and facilities to help achieve the goals shared in this partnership. This is to support the ecological transition, a key theme for our research activity and fundamental for our country and the entire planet in the years to come. We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of going beyond the objectives set by the European Union for the electrification of transport and the replacement of oil with more sustainable fuels. By now we all know that there is no more time to curb climate change, given that more than 100 million people live in territories with a high risk of drought".

Daniele Bandiera, CEO of IP, added: "Talking about environment, mobility and energy transition cannot but find us fully involved and we are also moving on the front of superfast electric charging stations. But the transition can not happen by law or by prohibitions: we must analyze the situation and current stocks and we must move steadily, every day, trying to do better and better. We are proud to play in Turin an important role in innovation but we need to ensure that it is open to everyone. This city has the right institutions and excellence, between public and private, and here we are very advanced with fuel cells and with the path to green hydrogen, but without forgetting other developments such as biofuels".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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