TIF is the "phygital" meeting point between you and local producers of excellence.

CEO: Giorgio Rasetto
Gastronomer: Daniele Rasetto
Business developer: Kevin Cardetti
Business developer: Alberto Viotto
IT developer: Gabriele Vernetti
IT developer: Lorenzo Cravero

TIF is a digital platform based on the concept of a local economy that aims to bring producers and consumers into direct contact. In this online showcase, each company tells its story in a transparent manner and describes its history, activities and characteristics of environmental and social sustainability, thus generating consumer confidence. To purchase, simply check the delivery conditions and choose the products that will be delivered directly to your home by the producer.

Via Luserna 5, 10060, Campiglione Fenile (TO)

Year of establishment: 2021

Employees: 1-5

The product/service is already on the market? Yes

Investments received: None

Contest: - Youth In Action for SDGs: first prize

- Participation and explanation of the project at the ICSD (International Conference on Sustainable Development)

- Réseau Entreprendre Piedmont: won an annual accompaniment and acceleration programme

- Starboost: grant for startup building programme

Incubation/acceleration programme: Réseau Entreprendre

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