Sellalab is the innovation platform of the Sella Group, which supports the processes of open innovation, digital transformation and training of companies and startups. Sellalab was founded in Biella in 2013, in the historic industrial complex of the Lanificio Sella and this first location was followed by the opening of other branches in Milan, Lecce, Salerno and Padua. Each site has the mission of becoming the point of reference and interconnection for the territory for those who want to do business, and this leads to the birth of real communities that constantly find themselves in its spaces. Since 2013, the Sellalab offices have annually viewed over 200 business projects a year, involving over 10,000 people in over 150 events a year on topics such as digital transformation and innovation.

Via Corradino Sella 10, Biella (BI)


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