European Startup Association

Being investors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we have created something that was primarily of value to ourselves and that we want others to benefit from. We are giving tools and opportunities to people who want to use entrepreneurship as a tool to have an impact on society. We are trusted advisors to our network of investors and startups and we are building a borderless and collaborative European Startup Ecosystem for all stakeholders involved. With our network of open minded, surprising and supportive people, we take care of you and your company.

Corso Regio Parco 15, 10152, Torino

(+39) 3517428350

Nature of the association: No profit

Registration procedure / requirements: Online applications | Startup - Becoming a member as a start-up is free. You must have made at least one Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and your company must have been established less than five years ago. | Investors - Becoming a member as an investor is free. | Others - Becoming a partner as a company, coworking space and university requires a membership fee of 1,500 euros per year. Becoming a member as an accelerator / incubator requires a membership fee of 2,500 euros per year.

Network width: 70+ startups, 60+ investors, 20+ companies, collaborations, incubators, accelerators, universities and public agencies.

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