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Ask To Design, the meeting platform between companies and designers in Piedmont

The service activated by Circolo del Design and the Turin Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Polytechnic of Turin, enhances the design community in the area as well as raising awareness and training companies and startups on the tools and methods of design.

Ask to Design is a marketplace aimed at facilitating professional encounters between companies and designers in Piedmont, where companies can browse the projects of more than 200 design studios and freelance designers and post an ad, or Call to Design, to find the designer most suited to their needs. Thanks to a system of filters and tags, it is possible to search and identify designers according to their skills: audio-video, staging, digital, graphics, interior, product, services and strategy.

Ask to Design is realized by Circolo del Design and Turin Chamber of Commerce, with the scientific partnership of Politecnico di Torino, to encourage new collaborations between the business world and designers of the Piedmont territory, building a solid network of professionals and skills.

Besides being a marketplace, Ask To Design is also a service system and a meeting opportunity to promote design and project culture in the business environment. Contemporary challenges require innovative solutions and commercial and production activities are called to rethink products, services and processes from an organizational, technical, design and communication point of view. Design and the figure of the designer are therefore becoming increasingly relevant in the definition of corporate strategy. Ask to Design therefore has a twofold purpose: on the one hand to enhance the design community in the area, and on the other, to raise awareness and train SMEs on the tools and methods of design.

Benefits for companies and startups

Find the right professional or studio for you and make your business grow. If you are wondering how design can be useful to your company, discover the self-assessment process on the site or write to for help you use the platform and identify your needs: thanks to the tutorship, the match with the designer will be more effective.

Benefits for designers

Promote your work, join the community and reach new clients. Sign up to get noticed and follow the newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming announcements and events.

(Source and photo: Ask To Design Press Release)


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