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The first "Emerging Technologies Licence" will be issued in Turin

Aimed at both those who work and those who are studying or seeking employment, to obtain it it will be necessary to participate in a dedicated 125-hour university course, starting in October online and on demand.

Professor Paolo Biancone, Full Professor of Business Economics in the Department of Management at the University of Turin, e la professoressa Silvana Secinaro, associata nella stessa disciplina, condurranno da ottobre il corso “Human & Technology Licence for Business Innovation”, in collaboration with Comau Academy.

By attending the 125 hours of this university course, it will be possible to obtain the first "Emerging Technology Licence" in addition to 5 university credits that can be accredited by various professional orders. This 'Licence', in the coming years, could become an important professional requirement: in fact, Accenture and Frontier Economics, in a study, found that by 2035 the turnover around technologies enabled by machine learning and artificial intelligence could reach $4 trillion, thanks to an 40% increase in productivity and the possibility of using people's working time more efficiently.

Paolo Biancone, co-teacher of the course, explained: "It is essential not to be unprepared but to be protagonists and not spectators of change. Only by spreading awareness of how technology can change the lives of people and companies, the digital transformation can be fully realised".

Ezio Fregnan, director of the Comau Academy, added: "Technology can be purchased by everyone, but it is not by possessing the tools that one becomes competitive: one needs workers who are interested in them and know how to use them".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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