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Tech and digital events in Turin

Tech and digital events in Turin have been happening at a rapid pace throughout 2023.
Gli eventi tech e digital a Torino

In recent years, Turin has emerged as a dynamic hub for startups and technological advances and has been very active in promoting innovation. Events, initiatives and programs designed to support entrepreneurs and the brightest minds in the tech scene have been organized.
In recent years, Turin has emerged as a dynamic hub for startups and technological advances and has been very active in promoting innovation. Events, initiatives and programs designed to support entrepreneurs and the brightest minds in the tech scene have been organized. The city's strategic location dominated by the Mole Antonelliana and established infrastructure help make it a thriving center for business activity. This is also demonstrated to us by the mapping of the Turin ecosystem carried out by ToTeM. mapping the Turin ecosystem effettuata da ToTeM.

The year that is coming to a close has seen the implementation of seminars, talks, webinars and hackathons. The problem has been being able to fit everything into the schedule so as not to miss any events!
That is why, as we approach the end of the year 2023, we feel it is our duty to give a recap of what activities have been organized in the area during the year. Some of these are established activities and are likely to be repeated in 2024.

Tribe by ToTeM Torino Tech Map - The tribe of innovators meets live every month

ToTeM Torino Tech Map accompanied us all the months of 2023-with a brief summer break-with Tribe, the series of in-person events to meet the Turin innovation tribe.
Each month a Turin-based entity related to the startup ecosystem hosted us in its spaces, giving us and our guests the opportunity to discuss topics of interest to Turin entrepreneurs.
A way to get to know each other, network, share knowledge and address those small big challenges common to startups and innovative companies in our area.

The 2023 agenda still has a couple of important dates in store for us. On December 5, we will meet at theI3P with "Attraction and retention: building a people strategy in a startup," and on December 12 there will be thelast meeting of the year with Tribe by ToTeM. In the auditorium of the Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli we will discuss how startup and the fact that, not only do they generate employment and represent value for the company, but they are also customers of other startups that develop services dedicated to them. What are these services, critical for a startup?
As always, throughout the evening, there will be moments of discussion, of entertainment and networking.

Let us now browse backward through the appointments that marked the year that is coming to a close.

December 2023 - A year dedicated to tech and digital events comes to an end

Attraction and retention: building a people strategy in a startup

How to manage human resources in a young innovative enterprise? This will be discussed on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at 4 p.m. I3P has organized "Attraction and retention: building a people strategy in a startup" in attendance in Turin at the incubator's Agora Room.
An opportunity to meet and grow to define what role the Founder should play, what a team should look like, or how to design and implement an HR strategy.

November 2023 - Award ceremonies and great successes Turin-branded

Award ceremony StartCup Piemonte & Valle d'Aosta 2023

What were the most outstanding innovative projects carried out by the entrepreneurs of the future? The 19th edition of Start Cup Piemonte Valle d'Aosta, during a dedicated ceremony on November 9, 2023 in Turin, Italy.
From more than 150 business ideas submitted for the competition, AI-Twin won (Autoimmune Inflammatory Twin) that will open a new avenue toward personalized-on-a-chip clinical trials.

October 2023 - From space to sports... lots of business ideas!

NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2023 - Hackathon on earth for space problems

On Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8, the 7th annual NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2023, the world's largest hackathon dedicated to space and science.
I3P, the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, will host the 7th local edition in Turin, in collaboration with the incubation program ESA BIC Turin.
The international event was held in all individual global locations over these two days, with free participation.
The hackathon aims to produce open source solutions in response to the challenges we currently face on Earth and in space.

Sport, what a business!

On the occasion of the ATP Finals, the event "Sport, what a business!" was organized by the Enterprise Europe Network in collaboration with CONI and the Sport Innovation Hub Association. At the Casa del Tennis in Piazza Castello in Turin, the Sport ecosystem as a business opportunity was explored.
The event concluded with the awarding of the three finalist companies of the EEN Sport Itinerary 2023 Initiative:

– Cristina Sorice, TourDivini, participant in the B2B MBM Tourism Prague 2023

– Francesca Picasso, Wylab, participant in the B2B Ocean Race 2023

– Colum Donnelly, Digital Mosaik, participant in the B2B Islands of Innovation 2023

Rinascimento Digitale

On Oct. 12, at 2:30 p.m., the fourth edition of the event "Digital Renaissance. How collaboration with the machine is generating super powers for humanity."
They talked about human-machine collaboration and reflected on a central theme as AI may change the way we work, learn and relate to people.

Trapezio: balancing opportunity, research and entrepreneurship

On Oct. 12, the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and ToTeM Torino Tech Map at the Collegio Carlo Alberto created the event "Trapeze: balancing opportunity, research and entrepreneurship."
The meeting, moderated by Marco Berry, was dedicated to local talents engaged in research and enterprise projects.

Key topics included the scientific method and how its proper application is as decisive in academic research as it is in the process of creating a startup.

EIT InnoEnergy: Ecosystem opportunities for start-ups and stakeholders

The Polytechnic University of Turin - the institutional partner of EIT InnoEnergy - and the I3P business incubator organized a public event for Thursday, October 5, 2023. The event brought together numerous institutional representatives, venture capitalists and young entrepreneurs to discuss the most interesting projects, initiatives and funding opportunities in the energy sector. With the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a large scale, it has become imperative to embrace renewables as a cheaper, more efficient and forward-looking solution than fossil fuels.
EIT InnoEnergy brings together key people and resources, catalyzing and accelerating energy transition through new ideas, products and solutions that really make a difference.

September 2023 - Connext matchmaking supports businesses

CONNEXT Torino 2023

Connext was Confindustria's first industrial partnership initiative carried out in 2019 and 2021 with the aim of promoting business-to-business networks and new business relationships on key drivers of business development and growth.
Unione Industriali Torino in 2022 inaugurated the first territorial edition of the event, and Connext Torino Business Matching has replicated the format of networking and B2B meetings with a new edition ready for large numbers. Connext's digital matchmaking platform supports businesses in profiling and planning targeted B2B meetings that will take place both in-person and online. 

June 2023 - lots of events to network and grow your business idea

Open Day I3P 2023

Where to start to realize a business idea?
The Open Day of I3P, the Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin was held on June 6, 2023 and allowed people to meet I3P's startup mentors for free and find out how to evolve an idea into a real business project!

TOwards Smart City – Hackathon

SITUnito and Omnia Torino launched TOwards Smart City - Hackathon, a project aimed at young Turinese who want to contribute to Turin's green future, on Saturday, June 17.
How can a city best and smartly adapt to climate change? Nature itself, through the design and development of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), offers effective and sustainable solutions to major urban challenges.

Doorway #ROADSHOW: Torino

On Tuesday, June 6, at 6:30 p.m., at Il Circolino there was an opportunity to meet with startups who have organized crowdfunding on the platform Doorway.
Doorway S.r.l. has been authorized as a European crowdfunding service provider and enables direct investment by private and corporate investors through a Consob-authorized technology platform.


Hi!Network celebrated its 10th edition in Turin on June 22, 2023. Created as a meetup between startup founders Hi!Network is also a platform that contains everything you need to grow a business on the web or create one from scratch.
In Turin, they have organized Startup Corner Interviews, Startup Booths, keynote speakers and lots of networking between drinks and a treat! The event is Co-Organized by CTE Next, the House of Emerging Technologies in Turin.

Seminario: Regulatory aspects in investments

During this free seminar, organized by ESA BIC Turin in collaboration with RP Legal & Tax, the regulatory aspects in investment transactions of greatest interest to startups were addressed. In particular, the discipline of golden power, the regulatory tool that allows the government to block or attach special conditions to specific transactions that fall within certain strategic sectors of national interest.
It was also an opportunity to explain the new European regulation on Foreign Subsidies Regulation, on foreign subsidies distorting the domestic market, and the antitrust law.

Djungle Studio | D-day live #3

D-day? It is a recurring and crucial date for the team Djungle because it sets the pace and punctuates updates on strategy, projects, and startups under construction, but it is also a time to take stock and inspire each other on lessons learned, methodology, and insights that come from the world around us.

Licensing: growth tool or business model for the startup

On Wednesday, June 28, the training meeting "Licensing: growth tool or business model for the startup", organized by I3P in collaboration with the law firm Jacobacci & Associates.
The meeting aimed to provide practical guidance on the Legal and contractual tools available to startups. The focus was on the behaviors and best practices essential to ensure compliance with formalities and the effectiveness of the instruments themselves. Issues related to the intellectual property rights for young innovative enterprises, the know-how, patenting and their applications.

May 2023 - Turin Digital Days and other important events for digital entrepreneurs

Gen Z - Future of the world of work

Generation Z is radically transforming the job market, in Italy and Europe. Pack and Hunters Group conducted research to understand the needs of Generation Z and work alongside companies to better accommodate market demands. On May 04, the research was presented at Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli in partnership with CTE NEXT, through roundtables and interactive workshops.

Legal Tech Venture Day Turin

The Turin leg of the Legal Tech Venture Days was held on May 19, 2023 in the Great Hall of the Luigi Einaudi Campus. IE University Law School launched the Global Legal Tech Venture Days to promote the positive use of technology in the legal sector.
These international events aim to connect startups, investors, companies, accelerators and thought leaders in order to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Torino Digital Days 2023

From May 9 to 14, the fourth edition of Torino Digital Days, a digital festival featuring more than 130 events spread throughout the city, took place in Turin. The theme of this year's edition was "Sustainable Intelligences," which aimed to explore the relationship between everyday life and digital innovation, involving tech companies, agencies, startups and industry personalities.
The festival consisted of workshops, talks, events, exhibitions, performances and hackathons and involved the entire entrepreneurial and creative fabric of the city, as well as citizens and institutions.

Torino Digital Days 2023 | Medtech

On the occasion of the Torino Digital Days 2023, the I3P incubator organized a free meeting on the topic of the use of AI in the medical field and its prospects from an entrepreneurial point of view. The event "Medtech: startups and artificial intelligence for human health care" presented a panel discussion with startuppers from AEQUIP, Medics and SynDiag to delve into their biomedical projects and outline new scenarios of intelligence (artificial and otherwise) in the service of human health.

Torino Cities of the Future Techstars Accelerator Demo Day

The fourth class of Torino Cities of the Future Techstars Accelerator program celebrated its Demo Day at OGR Tech, along with its corporate partners Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center with the support of OGR. After 13 weeks of intensive work, the 10 world-class companies presented their solutions while sharing their vision with the audience. 

Ready to Jump - Find out how to create your own startup!

For those fascinated by the world of entrepreneurship, JEToP, the Junior Enterprise of the Politecnico di Torino, offered an introductory meeting with I3P, the public startup incubator, following their recent partnership. The goal was to find out about I3P's activities and the opportunities offered to aspiring entrepreneurs eager to start their own innovative companies. During the event, there was a chance to take a guided tour of I3P's headquarters and meet two young companies founded by students from the Politecnico di Torino. These startups, Algor Lab and ORiS, shared their experiences giving useful advice to those who wish to enter this field.

April - useful tips for dealing with investors

Approaching a fund: key things to know about investors

On April 18, the free event "Approaching a fund: key things to know about investors" was held at I3P. The initiative, organized by ESA BIC Turin and Primo Ventures, delved into best practices for approaching a venture capital fund, how to structure a funding round, and how to build a strong partnership with someone who has invested in a startup.

March 2023 - the possibilities of innovation and how to communicate them

Communicating innovation between strategic positioning and storytelling

The meeting was held on Monday, March 13, 2023 by Alessandro Tibaldeschi, Founder of Press Play communications agency, together with Agnese Vellar, Head of Innovation.
Press Play established itself as a press office in the green sector, taking care of the communication activities of startups, companies and consortia, later specializing in communication, public relations and digital PR for the lifestyle, innovation, fintech, food, education and travel sectors as well.

ESA InCubed+: Earth Observation as a driver for innovation

The event, the first in the "Biz Bites" series for the year 2023, was organized by the Fondazione E. Amaldi, as ESA2S and ESA InCubed+ Ambassadors, by the European Space Agency and by CTE Next – House of Emerging Technologies of Turin and City of Turin and aimed to present opportunities for co-funding and commercial development in the field of Earth Observation.

Future Urban Trends

4 trends, 5 industry leaders, 30 business matching opportunities: Friday, March 31, Stratosferica presented a new event dedicated to trends in urban areas at the OGR Torino, realised thanks to the support of Fondazione CRT. Several international realities presented the development prospects that animate cutting-edge projects: entrepreneurs, professionals and makers recounted the impact of innovation and new business opportunities in relation to the urban context.

February 2023 - innovative startups and concrete answers

Innovation Roadshow

In February 2023, the first stage of the"Innovation Roadshow", a national tour organized by Invitalia with CTE NEXT and Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy.
The free event was held Wednesday, Feb. 15, in attendance at I3P and was a unique opportunity to learn more about how it works EIC Accelerator together with LIRA, a venture funding advisory firm specializing in EIC funding programs.
It was a good opportunity to take stock of the opportunities introduced by the government regarding innovative startups and to delve into the benefits of 5G and emerging technologies in the cultural sector.

A&T – Automation & Testing

A&T is recognized for its innovative format that integrates the exhibition part with an Educational and Refresher Program designed for the needs of Companies of all sizes.
The claim of the event is "from ideal to feasible" as the goal of A&T is to offer concrete answers to the needs of Italian Companies engaged in facing the competitive challenges of new production and business models, from an industry 4.0 perspective

January - starting the year off right between legal counters and tales of emerging startups

2i3T – #JustStart2023

A meeting to share 2023 initiatives, themes and goals with stakeholders. The event included a workshop on innovation ecosystem issues, a showcase of the latest startups that have emerged from 2i3T's incubation programs, and an award ceremony to startups founded in 2018 and 2019 that have completed their incubation journey.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law Lab

In January, the second edition of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law Lab: a desk coordinated by Prof. Riccardo de Caria of the University of Turin's Department of Law to which cases with legal issues could be submitted. Resolution was the responsibility of the course students, supervised by university professors.

How to successfully scale up: EasyPol and Qonto share their stories

In this free event, EasyPol, an emerging Italian fintech startup, and Qonto, a unicorn born in France and now present in 4 European markets, shared their story and experience along with practical tips for facing challenges and overcoming obstacles in the climb to success.

The year 2023 has given great growth opportunities for those who want to discover the startup ecosystem

The city's vibrant ecosystem of startups and innovators showcased themselves throughout the year. Celebrations of entrepreneurship featured pitch competitions, mentorship programs and networking events. The city moved to give, emerging startups opportunities to connect with investors, mentors and people who share a passion for technological advancement.
Incentives, meetings and collaborative spaces have turned Turin into a great place to grow a startup. Entrepreneurs from different corners of the world have chosen the city as a launching pad for their innovative ideas.
Flipping through the 2023 calendar shows how fervent Turin's activity in the startup ecosystem has been, and we are sure that 2024 will be full of events that will show the city's commitment to fostering innovation and young entrepreneurs. If you haven't done so yet join you too in the Turin innovation ecosystem!


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