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Here's why onboarding is your best ally

Find out how to make the way new users are introduced to your product or service more effective.

Article by Daniele Lunassi, CEO and Design Lead of Eye Studios. Eye Studios is a company specializing in UX, UI and Product Design that supports startups and tech companies in the design of digital products and shares knowledge gained in its Academy for designers.

In the course of this reading, we will explore one of the most overlooked areas in any product, but one that can make all the difference: onboarding.

Design is the only way to design successful solutions, this is because design means understanding people to design solutions. You cannot NOT do it: you either do it well, or you do it poorly. In this guide, I'll tell you why.

Let's get started!

Onboarding, what is it?

Onboarding is the process by which new users are introduced to your product or service.

More than a simple 'sign-up process', onboarding is the user's first real interaction with the product, and therefore an important opportunity to influence the perception and value of the product itself.

Especially for B2C products it has to be said: there is no second chance to make a good first impression.

Good onboarding not only shows users how to use the product but also establishes the basis for a lasting relationship.

1. Small steps create habits

Effective onboarding with great UX is essential to lay a solid foundation that can facilitate the emergence of a recurring habit in your users.

By introducing users to key functions and demonstrating how the product can solve their daily problems, the basis for long-term retention is laid.

For instance, Headspace urges you to set daily meditation goals immediately, convincing the user to be consistent and activate notifications on the device.

Another tip is to link this habit to something the user is already used to in their routine.

A fitness app could show users how to track their daily meals and workouts to significantly increase the likelihood that they will reach their sports goals by integrating the use of the product into their daily routines.

2 - Aha! Generates a first win for users

Try to think: how many times have you found yourself installing yet another app, and abandoning it after a few minutes because it was not for you?

This is one of the most important practices to apply right away.

During onboarding, guiding the user to quickly achieve a simple goal that confirms the usefulness of the product can make all the difference.

For example, project management software could guide a new user through the creation of his or her first project, setting the first tasks and milestones, generating success for the user within the first few minutes of signing up.

This moment of success immediate, where the user exclaims 'Oh finally, this is just what I was looking for', solidifies the value of the product and increases trust.

3: Lay the foundation for Product Led Growth

In the Product Led Growth approach, onboarding plays a key role.

By making it easy for users to experience and discover the key benefits of the product right from the start, onboarding creates a sense of trust in the product and extreme satisfaction.

This genuinely stimulates word of mouth among colleagues and friends, who may even be invited to use the product during the onboarding itself!

All this naturally drives the adoption and spread of the product within people's network, thus promoting organic growth based on real perceived value.


Investing in the UX of a well-designed onboarding process not only improves the customer experience, but also results in better success metrics for your startup.

Through onboarding, you can increase retention, accelerate product led growth and build a lasting relationship that results in high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

I hope this guide has helped you better understand how to create a competitive advantage for your startup: if you like it let's stay in touch!


Daniele Lunassi
CEO & Design Lead @ Eye Studios


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