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Club degli Investitori invests in Glaut's $1.4m pre-seed round

Glaut uses artificial intelligence to conduct in-depth market research on a large scale.

Glaut has successfully completed a pre-seed round of $1.4m. The round was led by Italian Founders Fund, with the participation of Brainstorm Ventures, Alecla7, Ithaca, BHeroes, Club degli Investitori, Eden Ventures, Delirus Capital and influential angel investors such as David Clarke (formerly Workday) and Pietro Cesati (formerly Soisy).

Matteo Cera and Giovanni del Gallo have formed Glaut in late 2023 with the aim of helping the marketing areas of large B2C companies make better business decisions through a new market research methodology: conversational surveys.

Matteo Cera, co-founder of Glaut, highlights the advantages of using Glaut over traditional quantitative 'multiple-choice' surveys in market research: "Quantitative surveys often lack depth and detail and fail to explain the reasons behind the data. Our software uses artificial intelligence to conduct qualitative research, being able to interview customers in an empathetic and engaging way, asking customised follow-up questions and synthesising the answers into valuable insights for companies".

Glaut is as easy to use as a Google Form, but unlike quantitative surveys, it is able to interact with people in a real conversation, bringing out what they actually think about brand, products purchased or experiences. 

In only a couple of months since its creation, Glaut has already partnered with market research agencies such as Altum Insights, Marketagent and Eumetra, and renowned international brands including Condé Nast, Autoscout24 and Mondadori Media. These industry leaders have already conducted market research on Glaut's platform with thousands of interviews related to defining branding strategy, measuring advertising acceptance, prototyping new products and measuring customer satisfaction.

Frank A. Spring, Partner at Altum Insights, says: "Glaut is the fastest, deepest and most accurate form of obtaining large-scale qualitative information I have used to date. It is not just an improvement on other existing methods: its potential and flexibility make Glaut a solution that creates a new category of market research“.

Gioia Manetti, CEO of AutoScout24 in Italy and Club degli Investitori Champion, talks about her experience using Glaut to study her brand positioning: "We are excited about potenziale di Glaut di distillare insight di valore per i brand B2C because, unlike classic quantitative surveys, it manages to retain the depth and empathy typical of in-person interviews“.

Pamela Saiu, Market Researcher at Mondadori Media, recently concluded a project with more than 2,500 interviews conducted with Glaut: "For the first time in market research, we allowed people to talk about brands freely, in their own words. In addition, Glaut allowed us to save more than 100 hours of work in analysing the answers and extracting the conclusions of the research“.

With this funding, Glaut plans to strengthen its product and technology team and complement its platform with vertical solutions for different applications in the market research world, before starting to extend commercial efforts on a global scale.

(Source: Club degli Investitori press release)


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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