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The second edition of Impact Deal, a new pact to accelerate change, kicks off at OGR Turin

The call for the European data-driven accelerator programme for social and environmental impact enterprises is now open.

Fondazione CRT and OGR Torino, together with Microsoft, present the second edition of Impact Deal, the European data-driven acceleration programme dedicated to enterprises that have a social or environmental impact. The programme will take place at OGR Torino, through the OGR Tech network and hub for innovation and applied research.

In 2022, thanks to specific training, mentorship by domain experts, opportunities to achieve national and international visibility and access to exclusive datasets, the entrants selected could develop innovative solutions aimed at generating positive and measurable impact.

Key in this respect is the contribution provided by the Data Club – a group of companies and organisations, entities both public and private – which, in addition to TIMBanca SellaFondazione Snam and City of Turin, will be joined for the 2023 edition by The Data Appeal Company, BioEnerys and Wind Tre.

During the six-month programmeImpact Deal works to accelerate projects that focus on theapplication of data science, the growth of entrepreneurial activities with social and environmental aims in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By bringing together the corporate world, mainstream investors, high-impact enterprises, mentors and data science experts, the programme will promote initiatives that combine economic, social and environmental sustainability, enabling the formation of specialists by conveying skills about the access and usage of data, with a view to long-term impact.

The first edition the programme, thanks to the project conceived and developed in collaboration with TOP-IX ConsortiumISI FoundationAshoka ItaliaImpact Hub Turin and The Data Appeal Company, received 40 applications from high-impact enterprises coming from 8 countries and addressing various sectors: Smart Environment, Smart Cities, IoT, Logistic/Supply Chain, Digital Consciousness, Human Resources Services, Open Innovation, AI, Cultural Heritage, Food, Health, Medical Care, Agriculture, Augmented Mobility, Vehicles and Energy solutions.

Twelve enterprises took part in the first phase, of which 7 from Italy and 5 from foreign countries (United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal and Switzerland). Among them ALBA RobotThe NewsroomPin BikeVirtuosisWiseairOpen ImpactAroundrs were selected for phase 2 of the programme, achieving many visibility opportunities and excellent results both during the programme and in the ensuing months.

The call is open and you can send your application until 26 April at

(Source: OGR Turin)


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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