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We Make Future 2024: 9 startups from the I3P network at the innovation fair

From 13 to 15 June, I3P and a group of young companies attended We Make Future in Bologna to meet the world of innovation.

A global platform for building the future: this is how the Italian and international trade fair We Make Future, or WMF, presents itself. In three days – from Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 June 2024 – it proposed over 100 events and a unique format combining exhibition area, training, B2B meetings, networking, culture, concerts, shows and entertainment, this year within the spaces of BolognaFiere.

The 2023 event was attended by over 60,000 people from 89 countries around the world, 670 exhibitors, 2,000 startups and investors, and 130 institutional guests. The 2024 edition was also very well attended, with a large parterre of global brands, companies and players including Google, Microsoft, TikTok, Intel, ESA, Lenovo, Ford, Monge, Aruba, Qonto: realities that populated, together with hundreds of others, the exhibition districts dedicated to artificial intelligence, startups, robotics, martech, e-sports & gaming, e-commerce and much more.

In addition to business opportunities and moments of entertainment, one of the main focuses of the WMF was training, which was enriched in this edition with contributions from around the world thanks to the authoritative voices that flew to Italy from the five continents for the occasion. More than 1,000 experts and speakers from all over the planet were present in Bologna to address the major themes of technological, digital and social innovation, with a particular focus on the evolution of AI. The programme was also rounded out by vertical and themed events, including World Startup Fest, Open Innovation & VC FestAI Global Summit, E-commerce Fest, Koders Fest, Digital Job Fair and GovTech Summit.

I3P startups at WMF 2024

This year also saw the return in attendance at the WMF of I3P, the Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, which for 25 years has supported the birth and development of innovative startups with high technology intensity and growth potential. Representing the entrepreneurial talents that have passed through the Politecnico di Torino campus over the years were nine young companies from the I3P network, who were at the Bologna festival together with the incubator to talk about their innovative projects and seize the numerous meeting opportunities offered by WMF 2024.

The nine startups that populated the exhibition area dedicated to I3P were Barter, Deplotic, DichiaroFacile, Dropper, Midori Connect, RarEarth, Spoat, Syllog and Talkkit. Their projects range across very different sectors, but are all united by their high degree of innovativeness.

  • Barter is a simple and intuitive platform based on matching B2B designed for the retail world, created to allow retailers to network with each other in total anonymity, drawing on products they need and placing excess products within a huge virtual space, with which to interact to solve inventory inefficiencies and thus increase profits.
  • Deplotic offers robot-based solutions to optimise the utilisation of space devices, increasing their useful life and economic and environmental sustainability. The startup's service enables theinspection, maintenance and servicing of medium to large satellites, through a device – an inflatable robotic arm – that is installed on board and can therefore be used immediately when the need to verify the integrity of the system arises.
  • DichiaroFacile is a web and mobile platform for the simplified management of domestic employees: search, management and payment, all at the click of a button. The core service of the project, called Domestico, allows the monthly pay slip of the domestic helper to be prepared and made available for consultation with a totally online procedure and through a simple guided path, without queues or waiting.
  • Dropper is an innovative startup specialising in solutions for people flow monitoring and space optimisation AI-supported. The sensors produced by Dropper make it possible to collect meaningful metrics that can be used in different contexts, for a variety of applications, and all data that is collected by the sensors is completely anonymous, as the devices do not use cameras but alternative technologies that do not identify users.
  • Midori Connect analyses energy data and transforms it into innovative services for monitoring energy consumption and electrical security within homes. The company helps utilities, insurance, financial and proptech companies to have customers who are aware and happy with their choices. Ned is the only Italian service of energy coaching that trains people to know their home consumption and manage it better by monitoring energy and household appliances.
  • RarEarth has developed a unique process to recycle rare earths from the motors of micro-mobility electric vehicles. Starting with a motor, the young company succeeds in exploiting the metals contained in the casing and the rare earths that make up its magnets. RarEarth's goal is thus to create an alternative, sustainable and domestic source of supply that can further free Europe from the import of rare earths from abroad.
  • Spoat is the first application to invest in up-and-coming tennis players and get a percentage of their earnings. The project responds to two needs: the desire of fans to be closer and more involved with their sporting idols, and the need of up-and-coming tennis players to financially cover the first years of their careers. What makes the app unique is not only the innovative way to invest in athletes, but also the development of AI algorithms to predict which tennis player will make it to professionalism.
  • Syllog provides companies with a native AI platform that allows them to drastically reduce time and costs in creating training processes, such as onboardingcontinuous training and offboarding, for their employees and customers. The startup has developed a Cloud Learning Management System (LMS) that employsgenerative artificial intelligence to automatically create training pathsfrom disaggregated documentation and adapt them to requirements.
  • Talkkit aims to revolutionise language learning, by offering students and professionals an engaging and effective tool to become fluent in speech, thus opening doors to new professional and personal opportunities worldwide. Using artificial intelligence, the startup offers an environment in which users can engage in authentic conversations with virtual and realistic avatars, thus obtaining instant feedback.

(Source: I3P | Image copyright: WMF - We Make Future)


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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