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The new crowdfunding of Pharmercure, the pharmacy at home made in Turin, has started

The Turin-based startup aims to raise €1.5 million to extend its service throughout Italy by the end of 2022.

On Wednesday, August 11, began the equity crowdfunding campaign on the Mamacrowd platform of Pharmercure. The startup from Turin was born to create a marketplace able to connect pharmacies and end customers with a delivery service, based on ethical working relationships, with the aim of supporting the activity of local businesses by strengthening and expanding their customer network. This crowdfunding campaign was opened with the goal of reaching 1.5 million euros of funding, through the sale of 18% of the company shares, to be used to reach all 110 Italian provinces with the Pharmercure service in the next 12 months

In 2020, the startup had a growth rate of 500% with a total sales value that exceeded 1 million euros, serving 8 million customers in 15 Italian provinces with a total of 30,000 deliveries. The amount sought through this crowdfunding will be in addition to the €1 million fundraising raised by the company over the past three years, from public and private investors. These results have led to Pharmercure's founding team being included by Forbes in the 2021 list of the 100 Under-30 Leaders of the Future.

Maurizio Campia, CEO of Pharmercure, said: "Today Pharmercure is one of the very few companies in Europe able to manage the online booking of any product available in pharmacies, including prescription drugs. We believe that the pharmacy is destined to evolve into a multi-service center and territorial health center, also thanks to the digitalization of the services offered. We are ready to become a point of reference for digital pharmacy in Italy and Europe, with the intent to support the work of pharmacists and not to replace them, defending their professionalism from the depersonalization typical of digital“.

Watch the Pharmercure crowdfunding presentation video on Mamacrowd


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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