The startup Arisk and Politecnico di Torino develop a new data exchange standard for corporate risk

September 21, 2021
MPAI-CUI is the first international data exchange standard for enterprise risk assessment developed by Arisk, the Turin-based startup that deals with predictive algorithms and is chaired by former Consob chairman Giuseppe Vegas.

MPAI-CUI (Compression and Understanding of Industrial Data) is the name of the first international standard for the efficient exchange of data between machines and artificial intelligence systems used for risk management in companies. This protocol makes it possible to process documents from various sources and categorise them uniformly into data packages that comply with the standards of all supervisory and control authorities worldwide.

It is the first standard in the world dedicated to regulating the exchange of data between computers and artificial intelligence systems and is capable of processing predictive data with a 5-year horizon regarding the chances of failure, governance variables and risk rates of companies. Through this system it is therefore possible to create an alert system for companies, investors, savers, public bodies, credit institutions and financial intermediaries who may have an interest in keeping the risk of default of certain realities under control.

The standard is the result of the work of a team from the Politecnico di Torino, coordinated by Professor Guido Perboli, professor of Quantitative Methods and Decision Support Systems at the Department of Management and Production Engineering. Also the Research and Development Department of Arisk Arisk collaborated with the university, coordinated by Valeria Lazzaroli (Chief Risk Officer) and Luciano Tarantino (Chief Executive Officer).

Arisk is an innovative startup based in Milan and Turin, chaired by Giuseppe Vergas, which develops predictive risk algorithms thanks to artificial intelligence applied to engineering. In our city it was founded in 2017 and always here it was first incubated by I3P to later become an academic spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino. For this project, the startup collaborated with MPAI Community (Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence), an international non-profit organisation working on different data compression standards that exploit artificial intelligence. Among the members of the MPAI Community is the Politecnico di Torino, together with many top-ranking universities, large companies and university spin-offs.

Professor Guido Perboli said: "This is a moment of great satisfaction because we are actually creating the first international standard that allows data and files of all types and sources to be interpreted and processed in a uniform manner with a transparent calculation method recognised by the authorities, including for the analysis of accounting standards. This is a real innovation that confirms the value of the algorithmic method of analysis developed over the years by ARISK for calculating default risk, based on the consideration that in order to understand how financially sound or vulnerable a company is in its core activities, it is necessary to analyse not only its financial aspects, but also its production and organisational processes. That's why we needed a mechanism that would process all kinds of data and output a universally and uniformly recognised value to make the risk assessment even more valid and concrete in advance".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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