Trust in Food, the startup from Pinerolo that supports local food producers, arrives in Turin.

December 20, 2021
The project puts city consumers in touch with local producers, promoting sustainability, local consumption and transparency.

For some days the local producers of the Trust In Food Trust In Food network have been delivering also in Turin and its surroundings. The project, born at the beginning of this year in the Pinerolo area, allows to order food and drinks directly from 35 local producers of fruit and vegetables, bakery products, dairy products, meat, cold cuts, honey, jams, oil, wine and beer. Trust In Food connects consumers with local producers. In addition to creating a network between agri-food companies and buyers, facilitating the online meeting between supply and demand, this project also makes it possible to improve transparency regarding the sustainability of products and their production processes.

The objectives of Trust In Food are in line with the Farm to Fork strategy foreseen by the Green Deal of the European Union, a community initiative that concerns the dynamics of the agri-food chain and aims to shorten the distribution chain by bringing consumers and producers closer together, to improve both the quality of consumption and the remuneration and distribution of wealth within the production system. This initiative also gives visibility to the excellence and traditional local productions of the territory, offering each producer an online space in which to tell their story, the activities carried out and the initiatives and measures in favor of environmental and social sustainability implemented during production.

The startup team is a multidisciplinary collective composed of four engineers, an economist, a gastronome and a designer, all from the Pinerolo area and united by the desire to transform their passion for food, sustainability and innovation into an opportunity to generate positive change in food production and consumption. Technology at the service of the agri-food sector can contribute effectively in facilitating more sustainable and responsible consumption choices, facilitating direct contact with producers who, on their side, can benefit from the advantages of digitization without having to deal with the technical aspects, thanks to access to a platform already tested and working.

Daniele Rasetto, gastronome and Co-Founder of Trust In Food, said: "The production chains have become so distant from us consumers and so many steps have been inserted in between that over time we have stopped asking ourselves questions and think that, in the end, one product is as good as another, no matter where it comes from, who made it and how they produced it. We've managed to reduce the complexity of values that food carries to a simple commodity and bargaining chip. And I believe that there is no greater madness that man has ever conceived. TIF was born with the arduous goal of making people aware of the beauty of small local productions and the stories of the people behind what we eat. Today, more than ever, we have realized the importance of digitization: technology is now part of our lives, it is undeniable. Even the agricultural sector cannot, and should not, be exempt from its use. We need farmers 2.0, who keep up with the demands of the market and the new digital consumers. Technology, if used well, is an incredibly useful tool, and Trust In Food is an example of this".

In celebration of the holiday season, it is possible to order gift vouchers from €10 to €100 on the platform that will be redeemable for groceries throughout 2022. During this period, the site also offers a wide range of food-themed gift ideas made directly by the producers involved in the project realizzate direttamente dai produttori coinvolti nel progetto.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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