To-Move: at Politecnico di Torino the electric scooter made of bamboo that can be carried like a trolley is born

April 21, 2022
Reinova and the team of designer Andrea Strippoli have created an eco-friendly vehicle for urban travel.

To-Move was established by Reinova, a center of excellence in the development of electric and hybrid engines, as a startup dedicated to the development of new solutions for electric micro-mobility with the creation of sustainable and flexible vehicles for all last mile travel. . Reinova wanted to believe in a highly innovative project of a group of product designers from Politecnico di Torino, led by Andrea Strippoli: together they formed To-Move and presented a new electric folding scooter which is one of a kind.

Entirely Made In Italy and built in bamboo, light and resistant, it can be folded and carried like a trolley allowing the driver to take it with him on public transport, planes and trains. Conceived in a modular way, this vehicle can be assembled in a customized way depending on the needs, the destinations of use and the need for autonomy by changing some components that will affect the speed and acceleration.

Giuseppe Corcione, CEO of Reinova and President of To-Move, said: "I feel the need to support the development of new mobility in Italy and to create new vehicle platforms driven by futuristic ideas that respect the circular economy. To-Move is just the first example of how Reinova can help to create and convert industrial realities, not focusing on what is lost but focusing on what can be built. Connectivity, sharing, sustainability and modularity are the pillars of this ambitious project, combined with Italian creativity and the enhancement of Made in Italy".

Andrea Strippoli, Designer and CEO of To-Move, added: "Finding people, managers and entrepreneurs who believe in a project, in a design and in the spirit of three guys was a positive surprise. To-Move will give life to ideas and dreams, will make concrete different mobility concepts and will do it with the professional skills, the competence, the agility of Reinova's professionals: Reinova and e-power will give the technological contribution to the development of Powertrain, we will give the dress to the best Italian technology".

Among the next projects to be launched in the coming months there will be three more smart vehicles for urban mobility, on two and four wheels, including a project of self-driving transport: a real self-propelled office, with stations that can be used by people while moving around the city, while they will be brought to work by this mean of transport.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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