SkyGate: Italy's vertiport for startups to be built in Turin

February 18, 2021
The project also includes the creation of an accelerator dedicated to technological innovation in the Urban Air Mobility sector.

The holding Always and its subsidiary DigiSky are working on the construction, in Turin, of an airport for vertical take-off and landing aircrafts. In this way, our city will be the first in Italy and among the few in the world that can offer a complete ecosystem of services for vertical mobility, around a large aviation hub dedicated to urban air mobility.

The selection of startups accelerated in SkyGate has already begun, and many large aeronautical companies have already guaranteed their support and interest in the innovative technologies that will see the light of day in the experimental laboratory of the accelerator. Moreover, with the choice of Turin, SkyGate will benefit from the presence and research activities of the Politecnico di Torino and the Citadel of Aerospace, between Corso Marche and Corso Francia, where Thales Alenia Space and LeonardoThanks to all these conjunctures, the new center will also aspire to the role of center of attraction for various businesses complementary to that of vertical mobility, such as autonomous driving, logistics and transport infrastructure that in the city have already found the ideal place for various experiments in recent years, thanks to the sponsorship of Torino City Lab.

Carlo Caiaffa, President of Always, said: "With SkyGate we will be able to offer business acceleration services for startups and scaleups, creating profitable synergies between industry, services and the world of academic research: it will generate innovation and make the area attractive for financial and industrial investments, with significant impacts in terms of employment for Turin and Piedmont". In fact, the initiative will also have great relevance in terms of training activities, thanks to an academy dedicated to the training of new pilots and technicians dedicated to vertical mobility in collaboration with Aero Club Torino, based on the border between Turin and Collegno and always at the center of the Italian aviation movement since its beginnings in 1917.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content

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