€10.25m round for Turin-based startup Tau Group

August 24, 2021
The Series A round had opened in early 2020 and had already raised funds from Russia, the Middle East and Germany.

Tau Group is a startup founded in Turin in 2014 by Filippo Veglia, Francesco Taiariol and Piero Degasperi that focuses on the production of cables and components for electric motors used in the automotive, energy and agricultural sectors and now has offices in Turin, Moscow and Berlin.

Tau produces a high-performance wire for electric motors that functions through partial discharges that are minimized but guarantee high charge factors, greater resistance to high temperatures, high voltage and optimization of electrical frequency. This type of innovation offers companies producing electric motors, cars, buses, trucks and aircraft the ability to double the power of future motors mounted in their vehicles while keeping their size unchanged. Through Tau's proprietary solvent-free DryCycle® process, emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds and greenhouse gases can be reduced during production, and resource and energy consumption can be minimized by controlling waste production. Another proprietary technology, LILIT®, makes it possible to control the quality of wire insulation of electrical components.

The Series A round opened in early 2020 and closed thanks to the investment of Finindus, with the intermediation of ArcelorMittal and the Region of Flanders, and to Altana, which had already invested €4.5m in March 2020. Previously had taken part in the round the sovereign Russian Direct Investment Fund, two sovereign wealth funds from the Middle East and a German investment group.

Piero Degasperi, CTO and Co-Founder of Tau, said, "Years of research have enabled us to develop coated wire and sustainable manufacturing technologies with radically reduced environmental impact. Our rapidly growing team of electrical, chemical, quality and mechanical engineers relentlessly optimizes our processes with exciting new polymers and data analysis from manufacturing to achieve our goal of setting the new global standard for wire coating".

This intense and ongoing commitment of Tau to continuous technological advancement strongly motivated investors to support the financing round, as reflected in the words of Hans Maenhout, Investment Director at Finindus: "Tau's dry coating technology offers the possibility to apply coating systems of different chemicals in an environmentally friendly way on metal wires with advanced geometries. This has the potential to unlock significant performance for electric motors, especially in e-mobility applications".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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