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“L’imbucato: viaggio genuino nell’ecosistema startup” | Ep.8 (Part 2)

How to acquire B2B and B2C customers for your startup? Find out in the second part of the eighth episode of our podcast!
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As you know, the questions that arise in my head when it comes to startups are always too many. In fact, after the last Tribe by ToTeM I still had so many unanswered that the first part of this episode was not enough to contain them all!

So, again this month, double episode! Let's continue with the interviews my apprentice and I did during Tribe by ToTeM #15, the May event co-organised with ESCP Business School and Blue Factory ESCP, where we talked about emerging trends and critical issues typical of the customer acquisition phase for startups, both in B2C and B2B.

Everything is ready, just press “play” and let the podcast do the talking!

In this Part 2 of 2 you will hear from:

  • Matteo Aliotta, CEO & Head of Growth of LTV
  • Isabella Maggioni, Associate Professor in Marketing di ESCP Business School
  • Irene Giani, CEO & Co-founder of Deeva
  • Nicholas Bena, Marketing Manager & ADV Specialist of Merakyn
  • Q&A session with the audience in the room

“L’imbucato: viaggio genuino nell’ecosistema startup” is a ToTeM Torino Tech Map production, produced in collaboration with Kiwifarm.


Valerio Capasso
Founder TORO Legal Hub


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