Rinnovata la partnership tra Stellantis e il Politecnico di Torino per la mobilità sostenibile

December 22, 2022
The now 20-year agreement between industry and academia regarding cooperation on training, research and development continues.

Renewed and confirmed the collaborazione tra il Politecnico di Torino e il gruppo automotive Stellantis, iniziata nel 1999, allo scopo di avviare e alimentare le research and development activities concerning mobility, sustainability and the circular economy with the involvement of professors, researchers and students from the Turin university. Also extended until 2026 is support for the degree program in Automotive Engineering and support for research activities in sustainable mobility..

The agreement provides for a total commitment of 7.4 million euros: encouraging the continuation of this collaboration were, among other things, data from the last four years during which matriculations up, from 1432 to 1878 with +15% more students from abroad, and employment spillover has grown with more than 93 percent of master's graduates employed after only one year after graduation. The agreement also supported international degree pathways developed together with the University of Windsor in Canada and Oakland University in the United States.

From a design perspective, 48 research activities have been launched between 2018 and 2022, in which students have also been involved, concerning electric propulsion, autonomous driving, research into new industrial materials, additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Resting on these solid foundations, the collaboration between Stellantis and the Politecnico for sustainable mobility will surely be able to constitute an active laboratory of change in transportation design, which can have interesting spillovers on the territory through the development of new solutions, new products and new services in the sector and thanks to the training of new professional figures of excellence.

John Elkann, President of Stellantis, commented, "The epochal transformations affecting the automotive world are changing not only the various production activities, but also the entire mobility sector: in order to move quickly, safely, comfortably and in an environmentally friendly way, it is necessary to develop new knowledge, also by intensifying the relationship between universities and industry. By renewing the successful collaboration started now more than 20 years ago with the Polytechnic, we strengthen our ability to be protagonists of the car also in the future, in Turin and around the world“.

Guido Saracco, Rector of the Politecnico di Torino, recalled, "The renewal of the agreement with Stellantis consolidates a now 20-year partnership, one of the longest-lived and most fruitful for our University, which covers advanced and interdisciplinary research topics, an approach to technology transfer focused on knowledge sharing. The cornerstone of the agreement remains the co-design of a degree program, Automotive Engineering, which represented at its inception an absolute novelty in the Italian educational landscape, but still maintains its great attractiveness for students thanks precisely to the close relationship between industry and academia and its international dimension that benefits from the network of collaborations of both the Politecnico di Torino and Stellantis".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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