Banca Sella launches Agile ScaleUp, its entrepreneurial training program

May 7, 2021
A one-year masterclass dedicated to the growth and innovation of corporate clients' processes.

The Sella Agile ScaleUp training project is part of the bank's new Wealth & Business Advisor offer and was created with the aim of encouraging the growth and innovation processes of SMEs. In June, virtual lessons will begin for the first class of 12 entrepreneurs who will follow a 12-month masterclass led by Ed Capaldi, Sella consultant and coach of the training program.

The course will not only be educational but will have the objective, at the end of the year of the course, to reward the company that has achieved the most important growth results. The banking group has been working since 2018 on the strategy behind this project through the training of 40 specialists. The program is based on innovative growth-oriented methods that will serve to give management tools to support the implementation of exponential development, thanks to an agile approach based on objectives to be achieved quickly.

The ScaleUp program follows several successful experiences of Banca Sella in the field of investment, both economic and in terms of skills, on SMEs. One of these is Enerbrain, a startup founded in Turin in 2015, which deals with solutions to improve energy efficiency and collaborates with Iren and Edison: thanks to the support of the banking group, Enerbrain's work team has learned to think in a logic of scalability, obtaining the support needed to develop its solution not only for individual buildings but reaching to cover entire cities.

"We aim to train dozens of entrepreneurs, bearing part of the costs," explains Giacomo Sella, head of Corporate & Investment Banking. "We invest in our customers for their growth and to succeed with them."


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content

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