How to present an idea: The secrets of a perfect pitch (pt.3)

16 November 2020
Part 3 - Slides & practical tips: how to organize your presentation

Content extracted and reworked by Fabio Sferruzzi (founder Echo Digital Studio) during the event Italian Tech Weekend Festival 2020.

Slides & practical tips: how to organize your own

If in part 1 Storytelling & framing and in part 2 Body language & attitude we explained how to capture the audience with words and with the right gestures, the eye also wants its part: continue reading for the latest tips regarding the practical of your presentation.

Feel the ground

An aspect often underestimated by many is the choice of the room in which you will have to present: check the location in which you will find yourself, try your projection, the technical material you will need so as not to be surprised by unexpected episodes. Inspect the space that will host you in order to start feeling at ease inside and not be found unprepared or confused.

Prepare backups

Create media to prevent any emergency: print version, online version for public consultation and mobile media. If possible, use your computer to avoid incompatibility with the room equipment. Preferring the use of a PDF version of your presentation is a solution that will help optimize compatibility between devices (provided that your pitch does not include animation or playback of video content). You cannot afford to have any technical unexpected hindrance when you have to take advantage of an important opportunity to show off and make yourself known.

Keep an eye on the times

Always try the rhythms of the exhibition because arriving at the end of the time available to you without having finished your presentation can make all your efforts in vain, empty what you intended to communicate and make it impossible for you to achieve the purpose for which you are presenting yours. idea or your project. Meeting deadlines will also help you show yourself capable of reaching a goal, respecting the rules and keeping your promises.

Take care of every detail of the slides

The pitch deck is the secret weapon to win the hearts of investors: make sure that your slides make love at first sight! Do not forget that you are almost certainly not talking to inexperienced people that you can only stupefy by leveraging appearance so remember that first of all you will have to propose strong content supported by concrete facts otherwise even the most beautiful slide will be completely devoid of any effectiveness .

  • Put in order: make your slides clear and clean, divide the topics well, make sure that they are conceptually grouped and hierarchically ordered.
  • Use the images: prefer images to text, don't use too many words to express your concepts. Slides with too much text could shift the focus from listening to reading. If it is inevitable to use a lot of text, keep the paragraphs well divided by using bold type to highlight the keywords.
  • Eye to the eyes: if you use photos with human figures and faces, orient them so that their eyes look in the direction of the text, table or graphic of the slide. This way you will invite all the audience to do the same.
  • Choose a few colors: choose to use a maximum of 3 primary colors at the same time, work well on the contrasts, being careful not to use colors that could be difficult to see if combined with each other or if presented with a projector.
  • Avoid the preset graphic effects: they will give the impression that you haven't spent enough time looking after your pitch and making it your own. Always keep an essential style to be more professional.
  • Be clear: use little information and that it is the most relevant, insert simple graphs and tables. The synthesis tools are very useful to simplify the presentation of the concepts but only if used in a correct and motivated way, otherwise they will only create confusion in the public.

Congratulations, your pitch deck is now officially ready to take over the world! Find out in the Ecosystem section who to fall in love with your idea!


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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