Mole Urbana, the new smart vehicle produced in Torino

December 22, 2021
5,000 units of the anti-pollution urban four-wheeler will be produced every year in our city.

For years, Torino has sadly triumphed in the rankings regarding city pollution. This year, for example, the limit of annual overruns of the percentage of particulate matter in the air was already exceeded in October. In addition to the traffic, in the Italian capital of the car, there are also the frequent fires recorded in recent months of warehouses and industrial plants that have made the air unbreathable for days in large portions of the urban and suburban areas.

Umberto Palermo Design conceived the Mole Urbana project to improve the quality of the air in the city and enhance the sustainability of urban travel. The production of the four-wheeler, which will be realized in a 13,000 square meter plant in the metropolitan area of Torino, will create thirty new jobs. In the same industrial area will also be set up a production line of fittings for commercial vehicles. Supplies and production materials will initially be completely sourced from companies in the Marche region, but the production hub will be entirely located in the Piedmont region.

Torino's smart vehicle, which will be available in cabrio and coupé versions, will have lithium batteries that will guarantee an estimated range of 100 to 280 km and will be available in three different categories depending on the user's needs: light, heavy or commercial four-wheeler. Each vehicle, of the 5,000 units produced annually, will have a starting price of about € 12,000 and it will be possible to drive it from the age of 14.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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