Business Plan guidelines (pt.1)

October 19, 2020
Executive Summary, Customer Value Proposition, Presentation of the Team

The purpose of a Business Plan is to describe an entrepreneurial project dictating and explaining its strategic line through a synthesis of its contents, processes and objectives.

Illustrate which problem or need, previously identified, you want to answer with your business idea.

Existing solutions
Presence on the market of solutions and answers to the problem proposed by your potential competitors.

Proposed solution
Idea, functionality, technical characteristics of the product/service
Definition and description
Characteristics and elements of distinction
Operation (with images and / or graphs illustrating the functions)

Executive Summary (1 page)

Summary of a page of the entire content of BP:

  • Product / service description (a couple of lines)
  • Target market and metrics;
  • Customer Value Proposition;
  • Competition analysis and competitive advantages;
  • Presentation of the team;
  • Timeline and road map;
  • Financials (Turnover, profit, needs).

Customer Value Proposition (1-2 pages)

Illustrate what is being sold and why the customer in the target segment (which will be more precisely identified in the next section, following the market microanalysis) should pay for the product/service offered.

In accordance with the value that you intend to offer to the consumer, indicate what is your business model and the pricing and revenue model that you intend to apply to your product/service.

Team presentation (2 pp.)

List each member of the business team and identify:

1. Skills

Skills of the team members necessary to maintain competitive advantages in the reference sector in which you want to offer your product/service and to consolidate them within the company. For example, theoretical or technical experience relevant to the realization of the project, previous work experience in the sector, previous experience in the internal role that will be played (finance, marketing, commercial, etc. ...).

Indicate other critical success factors for which there are no figures of experience in the current team and how and when you intend to include such figures (recruiting and timing).

If relevant, indicate time availability, possible financial contribution to the project, availability or not to cover the role of co-founder of the operational team members.

2. Network

Network of contacts of the team members that could be an advantage for the activity to be undertaken: potential suppliers, competitors, potential customers, any other persons relevant to the BP compilation (indicate names, data, contacts).


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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