The Turin-based startups AIKO and S4fe awarded during the Fortune Italia Innovation Forum at OGR

April 26, 2022
This first edition brought 150 innovative companies, 35 speakers and 74 innovation leaders to our city.

With the first edition of the Innovation Forum organised at OGR in Turin, Fortune Italia immediately aimed at big numbers: 150 companies present, 5 round tables on innovation, 35 speakers, 5 startups awarded the Innovation Award, 74 innovation leaders as guests at the afternoon round tables.OGR in Turin.

The Innovation Forum was created to provide a platform for innovation players, from the public and private sectors to share their experiences. The morning session focused on Impact Investing, Strategies, Content Industry while the afternoon session focused on Talents&Learning and Startup&New Economy.

The event was opened by Maria Cristina Messa, Minister of Innovation: "The government is very aware of the importance of innovation in the country, particularly linked to ICT. In defining the use of PNRR funds, we have devised a sort of encouragement to innovate, allocating 6 of the 11 billion euros to the construction of large research chains. These are projects that each incubate about 300 million euros, therefore very large, and involve the whole country, with 40% in the South. They have the characteristic of having a public driver, universities and research bodies but, in order to carry out research and innovation, these entities must make partnerships with private research centers, companies and local authorities to create the bridge that is sometimes missing between research and innovation. This investment focuses on the digital transition, innovation and artificial intelligence, which you are also talking about today, and which is transversal in all these issues, cannot fail to include a series of reforms".

Awarded startups

During the Innovation Awards, five Italian start-ups were honoured for their outstanding achievements in different fields of technological application. Special mention as New Visionary Under 30 for Beatrice Martini, Founder of Maluhia.

AIKO (Torino)

Aerospace industry

AIKO is a deep tech software company specialising in the design and development of artificial intelligence for the automation of space missions, making it possible to reduce the cost of space missions and increase the efficiency and performance of satellites.

S4fe (Torino)


S4fe is an IoT system that uses cameras and sensors to collect and analyse data about the flow of people within an environment and the quality of the built spaces around us.

MUV B Corp (Palermo)

Smart Mobility

With Muv moving around the city becomes a game: citizens earn points by moving in a sustainable way, with which they can win prizes, discounts and events offered by sponsors.

Bonus X (Milano)


Bonus X is a platform dedicated to families who need to calculate their ISEE and to view and apply for bonuses related to its amount, with the possibility to follow all practices with public bodies in a single dashboard in their personal profile.

Novavido (Bologna)


Novavido is a technology company focused on developing a new nanotechnology-based medical device for restoring vision in blind patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa.


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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