Halloween Special - Who's Afraid of Technology?

31 October 2020
10 digital fears that are escalating along with technological innovation.

Most of the so-called "digital fears" have unpronounceable and very complicated names to write (let's all bow before the inventor of the copy-paste) and on the occasion of the scariest night of the year we will make them all come to you... all of them!

"Hey, but this way they won't follow ToTeM anymore! We're supposed to be talking about technology and innovation! "

Bla bla bla...shut up, spirit guide! What do you know about Halloween! And we know that you're afraid of our 404 page because you have thehorror vacui and thinking about that totem torn to pieces gives you the creeps!

Back to us, buddies...so, trick or treat?

1. Drosmartoiphobia

Do you enjoy taking long breaks sitting on the loo, scrolling through your social media or playing some toilet game? Then you may have this phobia that consists of the fear of dropping your cell phone in the toilet...but do you smell it? Is it coming from my cell phone or yours? Sniff sniff...

2. Expiraphobia

This is the fear of forgetting the renewal of the domain of your website. Come on, what nonsense...right? I mean an actual phobia, it's a bit too much...isn't it? What nonsense..............EMANUELEEEE??? CAN YOU PLEASE CHECK THE EXPIRY DATE OF OUR DOMAIN????

3. Logizomechanophobia / cyberphobia


4. Telephonophobia

Uff, luckily I managed to escape from that evil computer. I'm writing from my cell phone now, I feel more relaxed...so what are we talking about now? Ah yes, of course, the fear of cell pho...OH NOOOOO!

5. Selfiephobia

That's easy, that's the fear of taking a selfie! I get it, I mean when your great-aunt asks for one during Christmas dinner, that's actually terrifying...brrrrrr...

6. Nomophobia

This is the anxiety of being offline or unreachable. But come on, how nice it is to isolate yourself from everything: lying in a meadow, on the top of a mountain, where there is no signal, just you and nature...sorry, what do you mean I can't look up how the third category cup final of the Peruvian championship is going? Are you kidding me?

7. Ringanxiety / vibranxiety

Very strong fear of not being able to respond promptly to a call or a message we received. We laughed and joked but I swear I didn't get this one... *VRRR VRRRR* 1.7 seconds! Let's go! It's a record, ladies and gentlemen, world champion, so fast!!!!


Acronym for Fear Of Missing Out, fear of being cut off and of not being able to keep in touch with what others are doing, which leads us to constantly check our social media to be updated on other people's activities at the cost of distracting ourselves from what we are doing...hey spirit guide, come and see! Uncle Peppino has just posted a video on Instagram of his dog moving his ass on Despacito, while his aunt is cutting her toenails, how cool! What? What do you mean I'm fired?

9. Robophobia

Fear of robots or automatons that sometimes can evolve in the fear that machines can replace man in his activities making him useless by taking over... well the microwave just told me "No worries mate, don't even think about it"?

10. Formaspassphobia / foransequephobia

Fear of forgetting your password or your security question and therefore not being able to access your online profiles anymore. Ok, I can't afford to let this happen...ok, well, for security reasons I'll sign here the account password so I can easily find it: 0123456789. I hope that nobody reads it...

So, did you get scared? Share this article on socials to make this day truly...tech-rrifying!


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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