Innovating the future of the world of sport by focusing on people's needs.

Davide Berrino, CEO & Co-Founder, former national level swimmer, sports director and entrepreneur in the member of the Board of Directors of Rari Nantes Torino, with international experience in the world of marketing world and entrepreneur in the world of communication.

Enzo Bellardi, Co-Founder & CTO, former national-level swimmer, sports manager and entrepreneur in the world of sport, member of the Board of Directors of Rari Nantes Torino, lecturer.

Ezio Della Savia, Co-Founder, former Olympic swimmer in Rome 1960 and Tokyo 1964, federal coach, sports director, member of the Board of Rari Nantes Torino.

Federico Cappellazzo, former Athens 2004 Olympic swimmer (bronze medal), multiple World and European Championship medallist, sports manager. He is an expert in analysing the management and IT processes of sports clubs.

Mirco Salvetti, former water polo athlete, expert in the management of sports facilities, collaborator of the FIN Technical Education Sector.

Filippa Rocca, national rescue swimming coordinator, PADI Dive Master, expert in sports facility management, sports manager.

TOSWIM proposes a solution, dedicated to the world of water sports and connected sports, that completely digitalizes the activities of sports clubs, managers of sports facilities, athletes, users, and fans of these sports.

Via Pomba 9 / D, Turin

Year of establishment: 2019

Employees: 1-5

The product/service is already on the market? Yes

Investments received: € 30,000 shareholder grant

Contest: -

Incubation/acceleration programme: -

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