Robin Studio

Through the galaxy of communication, Robin crosses borders and creates new cultural projects that orbit around entertainment and the involvement of an audience. Incredible stuff.

Art Director: Riccardo Antonio Silvio Antonino
Operator and Video Editor: Emanuele Vittorio Lodi
Graphic & Motion Designer: Enrica Maggiora
Lead Designer & UX / UI: Tania Eleonora Ciurca
Lighting & Video Designer: Andrea Rizzitelli
Motion Design & VFX: Emanuele Plicato
Motion Design & VFX: Giuseppe Orlando
Motion Designer: Matilde Capello
Graphic Designer & UX / UI: Aurora Tomaselli
Photographer, Operator and Video Editor: Lisa Maria Lo Presti

Robin is a creative studio based in Turin, made up of a team of young people who have put their creativity, their skills and their knowledge of technology at the service of culture. They mainly deal with set-ups and production of multimedia contents for museums and cultural institutions, live performances, companies. The multidisciplinary approach allows you to manage projects at 360 °, from design to actual implementation, to communication and promotion of the projects themselves.


Year of establishment: 2017

The product/service is already on the market?

Investments received: Currently none, we are awaiting the results of Boost Your Ideas.

Contest: We are currently in the final phase of Boost Your Ideas. Previously we participated in the Welfare Che Impresa!

Incubation/acceleration programme: Boost Your Ideas

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