Restorative Neurotechnologies

Restorative Neurotechnologies brings neuroscience research to the service of mind and body.

CEO: Massimiliano Oliveri
COO: Andrea Balestra
Sales Manager: Antonello Guarco
Clinical Manager: Agnes of Garbo
Product Manager: Gabriele Chiaramonte
Communication Manager: Martina Puppi
Senior Developer: Augusto Cammarota
Senior Developer: Sergio Bianchi

Restorative Neurotechnologies is a company that develops bio-medical products for cognitive well-being. Born in 2018 from the experience of 20 years of neuroscience research, the solutions make use of non-invasive neuro-stimulation technologies and behavioral protocols for the treatment of neurological conditions such as stroke, dementia and attention disorders. In healthy subjects and in the consumer world, experts in measuring cognitive performance (attention, memory, reactivity to stimuli, planning and problem-solving) and in its enhancement.


Year of establishment: 2018

Employees: 6-15

The product/service is already on the market?

Investments received: European grant € 100,000, VC € 1,000,000

Contest: 2019 Headstart Funding Winner - EIT Health

Incubation/acceleration programme: -

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