Réseau Entreprendre Piemonte

Non-profit association based in Turin and with local sections in Alba, Cuneo, Alessandria and Vercelli. He proposes to the new co. free accompaniment thanks to agreements and memoranda of understanding with public and private entities operating in the business creation sector. It can count on the contribution of the Michelin Development Foundation, the Compagnia di Sanpaolo, Auchan and 30 Piedmontese entrepreneurs. It has active various programs of accompaniment, acceleration, incubation of projects supported by mentors, entrepreneurs, alumni.

Corso Brescia 39, 10152, Torino

(+39) 011 2478496

Nature of the association: Incentive and development of entrepreneurial activity

Registration procedure / requirements: Contact the association for more info

Network width: 65 associates 49 start-up companies validated 249 jobs created 1400 new entrepreneurs every year

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