Reale Lab 1828

Multisectoral and international innovation hub entirely dedicated to exploring the most relevant trends and strategies for the future of insurance and related services. It is a business unit of the Reale Group, detached from the companies it belongs to, with a dedicated budget and fast processes that make it agile, much more like a startup than a company with almost two centuries of history. Reale lab 1828 wants to go beyond the traditional function of "Research and Development" to be a real innovation factory.

Via Santa Maria 11, 10122 Turin


Form of compensation: nd

Ancillary services: Co-business opportunities, testing and development of joint ideas and / or initiatives

Addresses: Projects and startups for co-business opportunities, testing and development of ideas and / or joint initiatives. Areas of interest: Welfare, Mobility, SMEs, AI & ML, Insuretech, Fintech, Data science

Accelerated startups: nd

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