Startup Studio or Venture Builder which aims to co-found companies (entrepreneurship in parallel), creating successful digital startups alongside young innovators, potential co-founders, small managers and Venture Capital investors. In 2020 Mamazen will become a Benefit Company with the aim of pursuing the formalization of some welfare dynamics already introduced in recent years and with the desire to carry out activities to contribute to objectives 8 and 9 of the SDGs. In the first half of 2021, the launch of the first Innovative Startup with a Social Vocation is expected, starting from a call for ideas (digital and impact).

Via Giuseppe Luigi Passalacqua 19, 10122, Turin

(+39) 373 7292448

Form of compensation: Equity, Venture capital, Exit, Dividends

Ancillary services: Office-hours pro-bono (2 hours per month), filtering of ideas and validation, support for the establishment and launch on the market

Addresses: Young innovators, potential co-founders, managers, Venture Capital investors

Accelerated startups: Orangogo, Morsy, Homstate, Ogenki

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