Pencil. (Pinerolese Laboratory for the city and the Smart territory) operates in Pinerolese and in the Pinerolese area with the aim of contributing to building a vision of the city and territory capable of creating "intelligent" infrastructural, technological and government conditions for producing job opportunities, promoting social well-being, increasing the quality of life and promoting sustainable development. Pencil. is available to collaborate with all those interested in developing innovative projects, researches, training courses and information on issues concerning the smart approach, also with the aim of bringing positive experiences gained elsewhere in the Pinerolese area.

Via Saluzzo 11, 10064, Pinerolo (TO)

(+39) 335371445

Nature of the association: Cultural

Registration procedure / requirements: The admission of ordinary members is decided by the Governing Council upon written request submitted by the applicant

Network width: Territory of the Pinerolese

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