Evolve your treatment.

Founder: Margherita Pomatto
Founder: Chiara Gai
Founder: Giovanni Camussi
Founder: Maria Chiara Deregibus

EvoBiotech is an innovative start-up operating in the field of biotechnology and developing advanced therapies for the treatment of wounds at the preclinical and clinical level. EvoBiotech exploits an innovative technological platform based on plant extracellular vesicles to develop a line of natural products that promote wound regeneration.


Year of establishment: 2019

Employees: 1-5

The product/service is already on the market? No

Investments received: Finpiemonte contribution 2019 € 29,000

Contest: Special mention for Equal Opportunities-StartCUP Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta 2019.

Incubation/acceleration programme: 2I3T

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