Your partner 100% specialized in e-mentoring to help you enhance your most important asset, the skills of the people in your organization.

CEO: Daniela Belotti
Marketing Manager: Liana Astrologer

Startup that deals with skills development projects and people's talent. They help companies, organizations, third sector bodies, universities, startup incubators to design and implement e-mentoring paths using international best practices. How they do it: 1) Design (needs analysis, definition of milestones, objectives, kpi, creation of pairs with tested algorithm, automatic reports; 2) Mentor / mentee training; 3) e-mentoring with dedicated software (classic, reverse, group, situational mentoring).


Year of establishment: 2019

The product/service is already on the market?

Investments received: -

Contest: None

Incubation/acceleration programme: -

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