It's like Google Analytics, but for Sport.

Founder, CEO: Alberto Maria Barberis
Founder, CFO: Yohan Berkol
CTO, AI expert: Riccardo Bussolino

Innovative startup that deals with Sport Intelligence, or rather the development and use of Computer Vision and AI algorithms applied to the world of Sport, with a double objective: 1) to reduce the risk of injuries for professionals; 2) improve sports performance thanks to technologies that generate innovative, intelligent and reliable new generation data, starting from the video analysis of competition and training sessions. The mission is to become a point of reference for innovation and reliability in the calculation of “intelligent” performance indices in the sports field.


Year of establishment: 2018

Employees: 6-15

The product/service is already on the market? No

Investments received: Grant € 600,000

Contest: Sport Innovation Hub Award 2020 - 1st prize in the "Sport, Health and Wellness" section.

Incubation/acceleration programme: -

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