Very innovative and environmentally conscious startup with the energy of four highly motivated partners.

Founder, President and CTO: Luca Feletti
Founder, Vice-President and COO: Marco Ivaldi
Founder and CAO: Marco Iacuaniello
CFO: Luca Asberto

aGrisù produces tools to detect atmospheric pollutants and solutions and applications to visualize the absorption of pollutants during physical activity. It integrates the processed data into third-party services and applications through APIs and provides a real-time environmental air quality index.


Year of establishment: 2013

Employees: 1-5

The product/service is already on the market?

Investments received: FaciliTOxTO € 4,500
Siemens AG - EU Project Big IoT II € 55,300
National program for the development of innovative SMEs - R&I Foundation € 15,000
Finpiemonte POR FESR 07/13 - IOD CALL (2015) € 19,708
Finpiemonte POR FESR 07/13 - ACTION 5 (2013) € 18,000

Contest: Wind Green Award 2017 finalist project
INNOVATION-Startup Europe Awards finalist project (2016)
Special Winner IngDan Far East Development Awards
6th Edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize (2016)
Winning project of the Humanplus Foundation Award at the Reside Innovation Call, Living the Space (2016)
Openiren project finalist 2016
Winning nomination for the National Program for the development of innovative SMEs (2016)
Edison Pulse 2016 finalist project (Low Carbon City) among 400 selected projects
Winning project Meet IOT challenge: Portable or wearable NO2 measurement devices for outdoor personal usage. (2015)

Incubation/acceleration programme: 2I3T

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