McFly technology is able to bring the driving experience to a level never experienced before thanks to the emulation of performance, sound and vibrations.

CEO: Francesco Spanish
CTO: Jonathan Duò
SW development: Marco Corona
Sound and Vibration design: Gianni Ricciardi

Startup spin-off of Zener, a company of quality and engineering services for the automotive world. 2electron: innovation & high-tech engineering services for the development of devices / systems to support #039; eMobility, with turnkey projects for the customer. It presented its patented McFly technology at the Eicma 2019 Show.

Venaria Reale (TO)

Year of establishment: 2018

The product/service is already on the market? No

Investments received: Invitalia € 140,000

Contest: None

Incubation/acceleration programme: I3P

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